How to Live Stream with a Video Camera or DSLR

The budget set up that I use for years consisted of this Logitech webcam this is the HD Pro c920 it’s about a $60 here in u.s. Webcam and you could use any kind of USB mic like this just plug it into your laptop or a computer this is a blue snowball it’s $50 and so you can live stream and then using free software like OBS or Google Hangouts you can start live streaming with some decent quality right away without breaking the bank and I did that for years that was basically my setup however I recently just upgraded to like Tv3 Malaysia

The killer set up like this thing is lethal but it’s quite it’s a lot more expensive as well so let’s dive into my new setup okay so let’s break down this live streaming set up piece by piece starting with the camera yes i’ve been live streaming on a Panasonic gh4 now before you say anything is that camera overkill for live-streaming yes we didn’t just get it just for life we also got it for slow-motion for some short film type content or social media content that we’ll be creating but the main thing that it uses on a day to day basis is this is for live-streaming and I got it for a couple different reasons one I wanted to have a distinct look and so a lot of

The cameras that people recommend are camcorders most camcorders can’t have like a real wide look to them and so I kind of wanted a more youtuber vibe while streaming live and you could probably imagine why that would be cool right you’d probably want similar things like being able to stream up a DSLR in this case a mirrorless camera so that’s the first piece and that body comes in at two thousand dollars here in the US and then the lens I have is the 12 to 32 super-crispy lens and at 12 it’s nice