OBS Tutorial Series The Basics 2019

The defaults look like this I think that’s going to be fine for most people but if you have a problem that is color related this is where you can try and fix that and see if that fixes it for you audio monitoring device this is I will get into it later but this is the device that you want to monitor audio through when you’re listening to it you probably want to pick your headphones for that or your desktop audio windows audio ducting is when audio plays it makes audio around it a little quieter I’m not really sure exactly how this works in OBS but that’s what audio ducking is I really don’t like it when software messes with my audio in ways that I don’t want them to i’ll do that myself tvmelayu

If I want to audio duck so I disabled that and you can set your accordion file name here and stream delay this is if you’re streaming something like town of Salem is a good example that’s a game where you have information flying around and you don’t want the stream to spoil it to the chat you can set a delay here for like five minutes or whatever six minutes and just you know not have it immediately show up to the stream like it will always be 300 seconds behind if you do that you might want that if you do that’s where it’s set you can set automatic reconnects that’s about it so we’re back on

The drawing board here we have three things up top that I want to talk about real quick before we go so tools it’s just an assortment of things that they started adding in they have an auto configuration wizard to set up things we just set up automatic scene switching captions and the output timer are all little plugins that this stuff I don’t use like scene switching automatically chooses which scene based on what you picked in Windows which highlighted output timer I believe shuts off your stream after a set number of hours and captions is just captioned somehow I’m not sure how that works but there it is somebody can try and do that seeing collection