The Ultimate YouTube Live Streaming Tutorial 2019 Tv3 Malaysia

The lion’s share of revenue that you will make from live streaming super chat is basically tips and donations and channel memberships is a monthly subscription for people that like to tune in to you live enable those as soon as you can and push those during your live streams as soon as you can because they will make a major impact on your success once all of that is enabled go ahead and click live streaming here in the top left-hand corner and you will notice on this tab there are only three types of live streaming available where is youtube gaming okay let’s clear up first things first youtube gaming is dead you’re still gonna see it on youtube you’re still gonna see a few menus that let you select it but youtube has announced that they have sunset youtube gaming so don’t use Tv3 Malaysia¬†

The youtube gaming app doesn’t stream to youtube gaming on anything don’t select youtube gaming it’s dead it’s going away ignore it, okay so there are actually only three types of live streaming on youtube that you need to be concerned with youtube gaming is not one of them but wait yes of course you can still live stream gaming to youtube the most popular way is through stream now which is this menu right here first things first when you want to set upstream now is to do a custom thumbnail do not let the default thumbnail be there your click-through rate will be terrible if you do that select a custom thumbnail build one for your stream treat this as that as if this is a video that will be released later make it clickable just like you would do a normal youtube video okay when you’re doing the rest of your metadata for live-streaming skip over all of this stuff here

And just go straight to advanced settings this is gonna pull up this menu right here and it is going to look very familiar for all of you that have uploaded a video before okay so do your title 50 characters like normal right do your description the first 140 should be real juicy with SEO and your tags do at least five really good tags right here just like with any other video and of course make sure it’s public of course right cool then you’re gonna go to the Advanced Settings tab this is where the real secret sauce happens you want to make sure 100% of the time that Live Chat is enabled do not enable slow mode unless you have an extremely popular live stream and you’re having issues with so many messages that’s a good problem to have a critical thing especially for gamers is to select the right category that your content falls under if you select gaming it will pull up a menu here where you can select which game you are streaming 100 percent of